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Parenting Coaching

I recognize there is great need for advice and support when parenting a gender-questioning child. How can you honor your child’s developmental needs for exploration and identity formation while continuing to prioritize their overall wellbeing and physical safety? How do you set boundaries while also providing opportunities for autonomy and experimentation? How can you sift through the noise and listen to your parental intuition regarding demands for a new name, pronouns, wardrobe changes, or even medical interventions?

This is the kind of information available on my Parent Membership Site. There you’ll find full-length videos, articles, book recommendations, and other helpful resources for parents of gender-questioning teens and young adults. There are two membership tiers:

Tier 2 – Live Monthly Q&As with Sasha

The highest membership tier gives you access to everything at the lower tier and an additional 90-minute monthly live Q&A video call with me and other parents – and you can attend anonymously if you prefer. This is an opportunity to engage with me more directly, ask specific questions, and hear relevant queries from other parents (if you have a question, likely many other parents do too).

Tier 1 – Monthly Topic Videos

In the first membership tier, you’ll find monthly topical videos related to the most common questions I get from parents. These include a broad range of issues. Here are just a few examples:

  • Navigating your teen’s defensiveness during gender conversations
  • Feeling more confident responding to requests and demands
  • Encountering disorienting jargon and ideological material in your child’s worldview
  • Managing your child’s internet and social media dependency
  • How to deal with your child’s school

To see the kind of content you’ll find there, here are some short clips I have extracted from the full-length videos on my membership site:

Help the Online-Oriented, Trans-Identified Kid to Humanize Himself


Is Your Trans-Identified Child Doubly Punishing Herself After Trauma?

Core Issues Unresolved after Radical Body Transformation

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